Located 45 kilometers east of Melbourne's CBD, (See Map) this cool climate region has a 140 year history of producing premium quality wine. The Yarra Valley, with its favoured grey soils and a climate cooler than Bordeaux France and considerably cooler than the Australian Coonawarra region, is recognised for producing some of Australia's finest Pinot Noir and quality Chardonnay.

In 1842, the area overlooking Yarra Glen became occupied for grazing at a rise which later became known as Christmas Hill.

The area was frequented by local wood cutters and in 1884 a primary school was built, three years later the


district's population was boosted by a temporary workforce employed on building an aqueduct from the Watts River weir to Preston reservoir.

In 1972 several farms in Christmas Hills were served land-acquisition notices for water storage on the Sugarloaf Creek, in 1980, the Sugarloaf Reservoir was completed and has also become a recreational and boating site.